One of my favorite themes in books is the portrayal of female friendships, so I compiled a list of some of my favorite female friends in literature.

I made a YouTube video of these books which you can watch. This list is in alphabetical order by book title.

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

One of my favorite books and series from my adolescence, A Great and Terrible Beauty is a classic early-2000s young adult fantasy book. Gemma Doyle lives in India…

Best read with a caffeinated beverage in hand.

A Short History of Coffee is exactly what it sounds like and I really enjoyed reading it.

Given that it’s a “short history,” no aspect of the rise and spread of coffee popularity is covered in intimate detail. I would have been happy to read more about coffee, but I understand that others might have a shorter attention span for the minute details of history. …

Caroline Cox

Historian | PhD student | LSE

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