Meet Me in Tahiti Review

I saw Meet Me in Tahiti on a newsletter for discounted Kindle books and was intrigued by the cute illustrated cover and the main character in a wheelchair. Then I saw who the author was. My immediate thought was “I do not trust Georgia Toffolo with a sensitive discussion of disability and dating.” I was right. Even though my expectations were abysmally low, I was curious and I bought the book. It’s the third in a series, so now I need to read the rest of the series. Ugh.

I enjoyed this book against my better judgment. The writing was poor and the style was confusing. The disability rep was bad. The main character acted irrationally sometimes without good reasoning behind it. I found it pretty frustrating, but I also found it fun and fluffy. I have so many conflicting emotions on this one, so I am going to end this review here.

I cannot, in good conscience, actually recommend this book, but I shamefully did enjoy it.




Historian | PhD student | LSE

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Caroline Cox

Caroline Cox

Historian | PhD student | LSE

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